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What does Koch do?

Well that’s a little hard to explain because we’re involved in a lot. Koch isn’t just Koch. We have a variety of companies that work in many industries and create thousands of products you use every day. See our corporate overview for more details.

Roles at Koch for college candidates?

A number of internship and full-time opportunities are available across the nation in roles such as accounting and tax, analyst (business development, financial, credit risk, market, supply chain), engineering, human resources and information technology/software development, just to name a few.

What’s the application process?

The majority of our college recruiting process occurs during the fall semester. Here is a general timeline:

  1. Early August: Co-op, internship and college graduate roles are posted and applications are open. Students must apply through this website to be considered.

  2. Early September: Applications and resumes are reviewed. Selected students for interview will be contacted via e-mail or phone.

  3. Late September & October: Interviews are conducted and offers are extended.

What is it like to work at Koch?
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why koch?

own your career

Whether you’re the CEO or just starting out, Koch believes that everyone should be an entrepreneur in his or her role. Having ownership of your decisions and your path from the get-go makes Koch the most unique and rewarding place for a career.

Executive Leader Involvement

Our commitment to our interns and new graduates is personified by the participation of our top dogs. Enjoy lunches, talks and other interactions that Koch’s senior leadership set aside exclusively for you.

Networking Activities

We may have 120,000 employees around the world, but we make sure you interact, learn and grow from each other through a variety of networking activities including community service, athletic competition and group projects.

Make a Difference

Be something bigger than yourself. Our employees help make products for better clothing, shelter, transportation, food, technology and other life essentials for people around the world.

Post-Graduation Potential

We don’t intend for our internship program to act as a pit stop for candidates. We use our internships, co-ops and new graduates to find long-term employees and help us reach new levels of success together.

Location: Rosemount, MN Company: Flint Hills Resources

Location: Arhtur, IA Company: Flint Hills Resources

Location: Menlo, IA Company: Flint Hills Resources

Location: Fort Dodge, IA Company: Koch Ag & Energy Solutions

Location: Ames, IA Company: Flint Hills Resources

Location: Iowa Falls, IA Company: Flint Hills Resources

Location: Shell Rock, IA Company: Flint Hills Resources

Location: Fairbank, IA Company: Flint Hills Resources

Location: Peru, IL Company: Flint Hills Resources

Location: Marysville, MI Company: Flint Hills Resources

Location: Fairmont, NE Company: Flint Hills Resources

Location: Beatrice, NE Companies:
Flint Hills Resources
Koch Ag & Energy Services

Location: Dodge City, KS Company: Koch Ag & Energy Solutions

Location: Wichita, KS Companies:
Koch Industries,
Flint Hills Resources,
Koch Pipeline,
Koch Ag & Energy,
Koch ChemTech
Koch Supply & Trading
Koch Minerals
Koch Business Solutions

Location: Enid, OK Company: Koch Ag & Energy Solutions

Location: Tulsa, OK Company: John Zink Hamworthy Combustion

Location: Euless, TX Company: Flint Hills Resources

Location: Longview, TX Company: FLint Hills Resources

Location: Orange, TX Company: INVISTA

Location: Port Arthur, TX Company: Koch Pipeline

Location: Victoria, TX Company: INVISTA

Location: Corpus Christi, TX Company: Flint Hills Resources

Location: Waynesboro, VA Company: INVISTA

Location: Camden, SC Company: INVISTA

Location: Atlanta, GA Companies:
Koch Industries, Inc.
Koch Business Solutions

Location: Reno, NV Company: Koch Business Solutions

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co-op locations

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